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Austin Orgain

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"I started shooting long range precision in 2015 going to a few small local and club matches. My first PRS match was in 2016 and expanded from there. It has been an amazing adventure meeting new friends and traveling to places I’ve never been before. Since starting in 2016 I have won 14 national level matches, the 2017 NRL finale and Championship, the 2020 AG Cup, and the 2020 PRS Season Championship."


"I am also an avid hunter. In Oklahoma I hunt white tail, and Coyotes through the winter. I have traveled West hunting everything from Elk, Mule Deer, and bear to oryx and Audad. Anything that can provide an adventure and a story to tell."


"I am partnered with 3 other top level shooters to create JTAC Precision Rifle Training. Our classes began in 2020 and have filled monthly since. We primarily focus on the things it takes to consistently finish in the top of precision rifle matches such as the mental aspect and wind calling techniques. The things we teach also cross over to hunting and other competition settings."