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Caylen has amassed nearly 20 years worth of professional experience within the realm of precision shooting. Starting as a young boy enthralled with the function of a rifle, Caylen began his journey through reading and self-guided research exploring the foundations of marksmanship and the components of the precision shooting system. Teaching himself to shoot and load his own ammunition at the age of 14, that drive sent him on a trajectory to attain the coveted title of a Marine Scout/Sniper, beginning his professional career as a shooter and teacher.


After the Marine Corps, Caylen continued to train shooters through various security contact companies, military organizations, law enforcement snipers and responsible armed citizens and held the position of Director of Operations at Magpul CORE before founding and operating Modern Day Sniper. Aside from training shooters full-time, Caylen is an avid precision rifle competitor, backcountry hunter, and general adventurist feeling most at home in the mountains or with a wing overhead.

Caylen's Review of the Ascend-14 Tripod from RRS