Jorge Ortiz

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Jorge Ortiz is a former U.S. Marine from California. While deployed with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2011, Jorge was wounded in combat when he stepped on an Improvised Explosives Device. This resulted in the loss of multiple digits in both hands along with double above-the-knee amputations.

In 2013, Jorge was involved in various recreational activities with other wounded veterans, and got the bug for long range shooting. He started to get more serious with precision rifles in 2014, and quickly upgraded his Manfrotto setup to Really Right Stuff, well before RRS came out with their SOAR (Sport Optics & Rifle) Division. He found out very quickly, what quality gear RRS produced, even if it meant having to rig up adapters to be able to shoot off their tripods.

Jorge was also able to take a bear down in Idaho in 2016, shooting off the Tripod with Wishes for Warriors.

Competition: Jorge started to dabble in Precision Rifle Competitions in the summer of 2017, shooting a few matches a year including National Rifle League, Nightforce ELR or Rifleman’s Team Challenge (Heavy Tripod Field Shooting) matches. He always brought an RRS tripod setup to shoot off of, use for glassing, or being an RO at a Match if the Match Director needed experienced spotters to help run stages.

Jorge has helped build a Precision Rifle Club in San Diego, CA. Along with a couple other buddies, he runs monthly matches, along with an NRL and NRL Border Wars Matches. He proudly brings quality Instructors down so shooters in the SoCal area do not have to travel long distances for proper Precision Rifle classes. 7 years using Really Right Stuff, Jorge has seen the value of having a quality tripod and does not see himself using any other brand.