Regina Milkovich

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Competition In November of 2009, Regina started competitive shooting – coincidentally the day after getting her first rifle. She was primarily mentored by the members of the Arizona Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters club (AZLRPRS), which only had 8 members at the time. Since then, the club has gained over 150 members. Eventually Jacob Bynum at Rifles Only became her main mentor, guiding her to develop a practice routine and focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship.

Throughout her career, Regina has distinguished herself among the ranks of competitive shooters with many victories, even taking home two trophies from one match: first place and Top Lady. She is the first woman to have an overall win in a national level competition and the first woman to win more than one national level competition.


Regina has offered competitive shooting trainings, mostly at beginner levels. She has been the lead instructor for two ladies only classes, focusing on correct rifle set up, how to consistently and properly get behind their rifles, and the basics of beginner fundamentals. She is also available for one-on-one training, which is more dependent on the experience level of the student. She has taught a variety of different topic: wind calls, shooting from props, time management, mental game, etc.


Regina spent 11 years shooting around the country and recently went back to work as a supervisor at the Arizona Department of Public Safety, where she had previously been a police dispatcher and trainer off and on since 1998.

Her other passion is fishing, specifically deep sea fishing. She said if she owned a boat, she would be spending as much time fishing as she does shooting.


Top Lady in the Precision Rifle Series from 2012 (inception)-2019
Top Lady in the National Rifle League from inception thru 2019
First female to have an overall win in a national level competition (NorCal TBRC 2016)
First female to win more than one national level competition (K&M 2018, VPRC Rifleman’s Revival 2020)
Many top 5 and top 10 finishes in national competitions
Won 1-day matches in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada
Multiple 1-day competitions wins and top 3 finishes


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