In general tripods can be broken down to 3 categories:
Series 1 – Lightweight/size-restricted; lightweight hunting (Ascend-14; TQC-14;Ultralight Series 1 )
Series 2 – Mid-weight but high rigidity minded, Some Competition use, Popular with Military units needing lighter weight gear. ( TVC Series 2; TFC Series 2; TFCT Series 2)
Series 3 – When high-capacity and rigidity is top priority; weight of tripod is a minimal or a non-factor; most popular for competition, Law Enforcement, and Military (TVC Series 3; TFC Series 3;TFCT Series 3)

Ball Heads – There are various sizes and designs to suit different mission requirements. All have a high degree of articulation, fit any standard tripod, are quick and simple to operate and are the most popular choice.
Leveling Bases – Perfect for flatter terrain requiring less vertical and angular articulation, leveling bases have fewer moving parts, lower center of gravity and maximum stability for rifle mounting.

3-4 Letters in the beginning describe the Apex style and leg material
TQC – Tripod, Quick-Column, Carbon
TVC – Tripod, Versa, Carbon
TFC – Tripod, Fixed, Carbon
TFCT – Tripod, Fixed, Carbon, Tapered

First number describes which Series it is:
1 Series – 28.4mm main tube
2 Series – 32.6mm main tube
3 Series – 36.7mm main tube
4 Series – 40.7mm main tube
The second number shows how many sections are on each leg

Hence, TVC-33 is a tripod with a Versa-style apex, the largest tube diameter is a 3 series, 36.7mm tube and it has 3 leg sections.

•  Custom plates are available for some specific makes and models of chassis; there are also plates for the industry standard mounting systems, like M-LOK (TM of Magpul Industries Corp.), KeyMod (TM of Bravo Company MFG, Inc.) , and of course Picatinny rails (also known as MIL-STD-1913 rail or STANAG 2324 rail).
•  Multi-Purpose Rails (MPR) are for hunters or customizers that want to inlet/bed our dovetail to their traditional stocks.
•  MPR-73, B76. B22, B6, and Cinch-LR are available for most spotting scopes and Binoculars.
•  There are many other types of mounts located in our Rails, Mounts, and Adapter section where we lay out popular items for most all pieces of gear you are trying to affix to your tripod or rifle.

Really Right Stuff Lever-style quick-release clamps are compatible with our RRS 1.5” Dovetail standard utilized by many of the most popular rifle manufacturers and machinists in the firearms industry. Our Lever-style clamp tolerances also accommodate a fairly wide range of over/under-sized plates that do not fully comply with our standard. However, if your plate is too large for our clamp to close or if it easily slides when our clamp is closed, then your plate/rail is not machined to our standard and there is no adjustment feature. The Standard is located HERE and can be used free of charge.


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