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The FAS Dual Mount was designed with a Fore-Aft Sliding Lever Release Clamp which gives users the capability to increase or decrease the distance between two observation devices attached to the 360mm Multi-Purpose Rail. With our BC-18 Micro Ballhead, co-witnessing optics with reticles is an immediate process. The system is able to accept one horizontal mounted optic and one vertical optic while still allowing the ability to "cant" each optic if needed. 

If you need to mount multiple horizontal optics the same setup can be used by substituting out a longer Multi-Purpose rail.   

This kit does not include the two mounting plates you will need for your optics. 

  • Fore-Aft Sliding clamp slides along dovetail
  • Unique bottom index marker allows for exact and repeatable positioning.
  • Slide lock-knob locks clamp into position.
  • Clamp channel runs left/right and accommodates plates with left/right dovetail orientation; clamp cannot be rotated to change orientation.
  • Easy Top-Loading: In one quick action, the clamp can go from closed to fully open, allowing easy top-loading of RRS 1.5" compatible quick-release plates.

  • MPR-180

  • Double dovetail rail accepts 1.5" Dovetail clamps on top and bottom
  • Laser engraved at 5mm increments (starting at 0mm from each end)
  • Includes alternating 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded sockets spaced 15mm apart top and bottom, at each end, and in the middle of the rail
  • Includes 1/4"-20 threaded sockets spaced 9mm apart on the sides

  • BC-18 Micro SOAR Ballhead

  • Intuitive locking lever control
  • Locking lever's captive design never requires user adjustment
  • Extremely compact "go anywhere, fit anywhere" size
  • Ferritic Nitrocarburized Steel components for increased longevity
  • Integrated Really Right Stuff quick release
  • Robust load capacity
  • Ultra light weight
  • (4) 45 Degree drop-notches for 90 degrees of total adjustment
  • (1) FAS-Clamp, Sliding Lever-release style quick-release clamp, no additional mounting hardware
    (1) Multi-Purpose Rail (MPR) Rail 180mm
    (1)BC-18 Ball Clamp 
    (3)User Guide

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