Mark Lang

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Mark Lang has spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement with most of that time assigned to a full time SWAT team. He has been a police sniper for the entirety of his SWAT career and has always had a fondness for precision rifle shooting. As a member of the National Tactical Officers Association Sniper Section Committee and the American Sniper Association, Mark is passionate about the police sniper community and advocates in areas of training, operational capabilities, and equipment. He has authored numerous articles and is published in several law enforcement media outlets and is considered a subject matter expert.


Mark is the Director of Sniper Training for Tacflow Academy. Prior to Tacflow he was a lead instructor for Chris Kyle at Craft International. Mark created three curriculums that continue to serve an important role in law enforcement SWAT training. Deriving from operational needs he first created the Public Venue Deployment & Response curriculums for police snipers and SWAT teams. With his team of sniper instructors, they have taught at nearly 30 public venues in the U.S. & Canada ranging from limited use venues to the Super Bowl. His second curriculum was born out of an operational deployment and the request for training with 50 caliber rifles. His Large Caliber Rifle program was developed to provide formal training for SWAT teams at an operator and instructor level. Lastly, Mark created & developed the Aerial Platform Operations curriculum to address formal training for law enforcement aviation & SWAT teams who either have an existing program or want to stand up one. As Director of Sniper Training his goal is to continue to empower like minded sniper instructors to develop proprietary curriculums that meet the present and future needs of the police sniper community.


Conceived through a need to capture curriculum content, Mark took up photography and can be seen at many courses taking pictures when not teaching. His interests lie with tactical photography and his work can be found at Sendit Tactical Photography on Instagram.