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Rhett Walters has been competing in Precision rifle matches across the US for 8 seasons. When he first started, he was nervous because he didn't know a lot and had much to learn. Like anything, he just had to dive in and shoot his first sanctioned Precision rifle series match in 2014. It was a great learning experience and that is where he first met some people who eventually became life-long friends.

Rhett began shooting for Accuracy international in 2015. In the last 5 years, he has traveled to many different events with Scott (AI VP): Florida media events, Las Vegas Shot Show, USASOC sniper competitions, and countless other events. Rhett has enjoyed being associated with AI and its crew over the years and seeing the precision rifle circuit grow so much.

Lately, Rhett and Scott Seigmund have been jumping into the 22 rimfire competeitions. Rhett fields his RRS tripod at every match with a pair of Swarovski SLC 15's on top for people to try out and spot with.


When September rolls around, Rhett puts shooting competitions on pause to puruse his true passion: hunting big game from Arizona to Alaska and everywhere in between. He has spent hundreds of hours in the field glassing on an RRS Versa-34L with a BH-55 ball head or a Versa-24L with an Anvil-30 ball head.


Rhett is also an avid photographer; he enjoys photographing wildlife and shoots many photos for Accuracy International.