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RRS SOAR: Featured Shooter - Bryan Morgan


Bryan Morgan


An accomplished competitive shooter in multiple disciplines for over the past 20 years. He is a seasoned and highly experienced firearms instructor with expert marks in pistol, carbine, and precision rifle.

He has more than 12 years experience in designing and building world class training facilities across the United States. Bryan and his wife, Misty, are the owners of JBM Training which includes the Hat Creek Training Facility in Riggins, Idaho. Where they train Special Force Units 40 weeks a year.

This past year they hosted the Inaugural North American Sniper Team Invitational, where 14 military teams battled it out across 3 days in extreme terrain and conditions.

Morgan’s abilities and desire for advancing the sport and practical application of shooting has proven him to be one of the top instructors in the Country. He is the go to Subject matter expert for high angle, long range precision shooting. Bryan has built the Hat Creek facility to provide a realistic training environment for todays military. Pushing the limits of high angle and long range shooting.

If you’ve trained at Hat Creek you know that Bryan & Misty consider this to be their calling and an honor to give back to the military community.





Can you tell us a little bit about your history with precision shooting?

I’ve been shooting precision rifle since I was a teenager. I used competition as a way to advance my abilities and also as an outlet from a rigorous work schedule.

At what point did you realize that Hat Creek Training could be a real thing and what were some of your key steps in bringing it to life?

We didn’t originally buy Hat Creek to be a training facility. Once here we realized it held a lot of training potential. We sent pics to a few teams I work with on a regular basis and they started booking trips before we even had the facility finished.

What value do you find in tripods as support systems? How have you implemented these into your curriculum?

I have been using tripods for precision rifle for many years. The capability of the tripod was always the challenge and limiting factor. Especially, when using high recoil heavy rifle systems. We use them for spotting, building positions, additional support in positions to enhance our stability. When RRS came online it drastically improved the capability of the shooter by providing a very stable, solid platform. Utilization of the tripod gives you guaranteed stable position when going into an unknown environment.

Can you give some examples of how you’ve pushed the boundaries with tripod deployment?

We use tripods for front support, rear support, fieldcraft and even as ladders to climb technical areas on the property.

What has been your most memorable moment in your journey as a shooter?

Honestly, being able to work with and get to know not only great humans but true warriors. It’s an honor and blessing to have them in our home at Hat Creek on a weekly basis. Some of our best times are not always on the range, sometimes it’s sitting around the table at dinner.