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Consistently cleaning and correctly maintaining your Really Right Stuff tripod will extend its life and keep it performing like brand-new for a longer amount of time. These cleaning tips are applicable to other tripod brands, although the disassembly and reassembly methods will vary depending on the brand. In actuality, there’s no real secret to it. Your best weapon is warm water, and a gentle dish washing agent, paired with a dish towel. For removing dirt, mud, and most other contaminants, nothing more is required, other than elbow grease. For more in-depth information, this video shows you how to disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble your Really Right Stuff carbon fiber tripod legs, angle joints, and pull-tab system.

For more videos on how to care for your Really Right Stuff tripod, click here.
We will be updating this page regularly in the weeks to come, so check back for more maintenance information.